Adam Coppola ()

Indie Dance, Prog-House, Deep House, Electronica, Downtempo, Dub, Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Breaks, Minimal, Trance, Electro-House, Tech-House, Techno, House,

Adam Coppola is a brilliant young Italian talent from Nocera Superiore (SA), Southern Italy, one of the greatest places in the world willing to have surrounded the most exalted minds in the art scene and one of the cradles of our civilization world, where the melody of life imposes itself always poignant giving way to expressions of art so deep as to be incredulous that are the work of man. He started to play drum at the age of six and later taked private piano lessons. At the age of fourteen he begane to produce music for passion and when he was nineteen he took part in a rock band of Rome with how played in numerous pub. His first elettronic album came out in 2013 and other single in the summer of the same year. At the moment he produces music for other labels working on two album and some single. He is currently begins to rise on the console of some places in campania.